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Hairstyles Mistakes

You don’t bother to update your hairstyle
If you have the same hairstyle for the past 10 years with the same shade of color, by all means, it’s time to make appointment with your hairstylist and get a new hairstyle. Just like make up and clothing, we need to update our hairstyle occasionally too.

It’s been 2 months since your last haircut and you haven’t trim it
If you haven’t know, the tip of the hair is vulnerable to breakage and split ends as it is weaker than the root. So, it is best to have the tips trimmed every 6 weeks. It will not only maintain the hairstyle but also the condition of the hair.

Follow the latest hairstyle trend and think it will look good on you
Yes, you are advised to update your hairstyle on #1 but it doesn’t mean go for the latest hairstyle trend. Jennifer Aniston hairstyle might look good on her but not on you. Consider this things before you go for the hairstyle: face shape, hair texture, many more. Besides, you can always try the hairstyle software on the internet to see which hairstyle will suit your face.

You try 101 ways just to make you hair something it just isn’t
For example, you have a curly hair by nature. One day, you want to get the fabulous straight look like the famous celebrity that you fancy of. Hold on and ask yourself: how much time do they spend to achieve that look? Most of the time they have a team of professional hairstylist to maintain and style their hair. Do you have the time to do all those routine? Don’t force your hair and yourself.

You go for this hairstyle without considering your face shape
So, Victoria Beckham looks oh so chic with the Bob hairstyle, you want to have it too. There is nothing wrong to follow the celebrities hairstyle but please do yourself a favor before you commit with this hairstyle mistake. Compare your face shape with the celebrities face shape and you’ll get the rough idea if the hairstyle will suit you.