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Just like with clothes and dresses, trends in hair styles also change from season to season. We may be in the middle of the year, but it’s never too late to catch up with what’s in and trendy. In terms of black women hair styles, here are the TOP 5 trendy black hair styles this year!

Pixie Cuts are perfect if you have really short hair. This style is one of the hottest black hair styles today. Get the look posed by the classy Audrey Hepburn and be glamorous! But if you do not feel the aura of pixie back in the days, you can get a more updated version of pixie cuts like that of Rihanna. This cut has more geometric shape on and is definitely modern because of the asymmetrical style. Not only it is trendy, the cut also is of low maintenance and hassle-free. Quick touch-ups and styling in minutes is enough to make you ready for the day.

Black bobs are also in this year. Again, Hollywood singer Rihanna is responsible for bringing back this hair style in the cover pages of magazines and TV screens. This hair style can be worn with or without bangs, just make sure that you have it in comfortable length. Otherwise, the full effect of the bob would be wasted.

Ultra sleek and straight hair is an excellent black women hair style. You simple can never go wrong with it, especially if you have black, silky hair. Or, you can use your preferred straightening tool to tame your wavy hair, and pose a different hair style. Just avoid using harsh straightening chemicals for less hair damages.

The classic braided hair style is also hot this year, like it was in the past years. In fact, it is one of the classic black women hair styles. Not only it puts your hair in its natural state, it is also very easy to maintain without the use of many styling products.

For any shape or hair length, there is certainly a suitable cut of bangs. Having sassy bangs can be achieved by chopping off a few hair strands. Also, updating this style is possible even without having a complete haircut.

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The InStyler

The InStyler

Have you seen the new infomerical that advertises the InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Straightner?Β  What I saw on T.V. amazed me so I decided to try it for myself to see if I could achieve the results I saw on T.V.

The InStyler is a little expensive.Β  Their website advertises that you can purchase the InStlyer for $14.99 introductory price for 30 days.Β  You also Buy One, Get One Free.Β  Sounds good right?Β  Make sure you read the fine print.Β  If you decide to keep both InStylers you do nothing, and your credit card will be charged 3 installments of $39.99.Β  YIKES!Β  Add it up and that is close to $120.

InStyler Review:

I was really skeptical of the product.Β  I have never been impressed with many as seen on T.V items.Β  I have to say that this product really worked.Β  I have friends that have the InStyler and they love it as well.

I was very please with the results.Β  The price, not so much.Β  I have done a little research and have found that you can buy a brand new InStyler on eBay for about half of the price.Β  Final Verdict:Β  The InStyler is Great, but don’t pay full price if you don’t have to. Read the Full InStyler Review


Rachel McAdams was caught on camera with the cute side twists hairstyle while shooting in her latest movie, Morning Glory. While this side twist is not a new style, but it has been around for ages and still rocking the hairstyle world. I


If you have a medium or long curly hairstyle and wondering how to get this cute and sweet side twists like Rachel McAdams, look no more. Here is the simple tips and tricks. Start by grabbing one side of your hair, give a couple of twists and pin it in place with hairpin. Yes, it is that easy.


In the spirit of summer, we are going to talk about how to get the sexy surf-girl look ala actress Kate Hudson. You will surely get the attention of the boys as you stroll down the beach.


Fashion advisor will suggest you to go for boho style and dig your closet for tanktop or boho dress adds on huge sunglasses and earrings. Let your skin to take a rest from make-up.

Now, to get Kate Hudson’s long wavy hairstyle with beachy look, use surf spray such as Aussie Catch the Wave Sprunch Hair Spray and Guerlain Nourishing Dry Oil SPF 8 for added skin shine.

Put on your best smile and you’re good to go!


Kristen Stewart, actress who played as the leading role Bella in Twilight movie, has the sweet and tough look with her black leather jacket along with smoky eyes. Her tousled wavy hairstyle adds up the rebellious look which is sexy at the same time.


The trick behind Kristen Stewart’s rebel yet sexy look is to spritz your hair with a texturizer, such as KMS California HairPlay Texture Blast. Spray into your towel-dried hair from roots to ends, work through your hair and blow dry for desired finish.

This non-aerosol spray will infuse your hair with all over texture leaving it looking amazing all day. It consists of a blend of lime and cilantro formulated with the innovative IOPS, inside out perfecting system technology.


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