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Updo Hairstyle

Rashida Jones Pin Up Hairstyle

by admin on June 30, 2009

in Updo Hairstyle

Think of updo hairstyle with lots of pins, what do you think? A trendy trend or a big no no in hairstyle world? Before you make any comment, have a look of actress Rashida Jones in the following pictures.


Notice how there is some loop action at the back instead of a huge chunk updo?


Have a look of the back. It consists of a few hairpins which were pinned in asymmetrical way. The updo hairstyle is sort of messy and imperfect but it looks fine and gorgeous.


I hate messiness. I can’t stand a messy table. I can’t stand people with messy hair whom looks like they just woke up and have no time to comb the hair. Unless you are a Mum to 5 kids and a baby, then you have no reason not to have the time to take care of you hairstyle. At least, comb it.


But some people can still look fabulous with the rather messy bun. It creates a perfectly imperfect hairstyle like what Nicole Richie has in the picture. The secret to this messy yet looks nice updo hairstyle is on the hair pin kit from Jasper Jack. All you need to do is to wrap your hair with the hair elastic close to the neck area. It is totally safe to leave some hair out and use bobby pins to shorten long hanging hairs.

It’s a perfect solution for a quick hairstyling. Messy bun but doesn’t look as if you just woke up and not ready to face the day.