How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer – 3 Proven Steps to Longer, Prettier Locks!

by admin on November 3, 2009

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There could be a variety of different reasons why you are interested in how to make your hair grow longer-a bum haircut, a bride with an upcoming wedding, a recovering chemotherapy patient, or you’re just plain bored with your short hair style.

There is no shortage of information on the internet on how to make your hair grow longer. The problem is that most of this advice focuses on just one part of the hair growth equation while ignoring the other parts. This causes most of the hair growth techniques to be hit or miss endeavors that are not nearly as effective as they should be.

There is no 1 magic bullet solution to growing hair longer. There are 3 major growth factors that need to be addressed to truly make hair grow fast. Take care of all 3 of these growth factors & watch the length of your hair literally explode! These growth factors are:

  • The intake of vital nutrients
  • Removing hair growth inhibitors from your diet & lifestyle
  • Hair follicle & scalp stimulation exercises to increase blood flow to your hair


Any good multivitamin supplement combined with a good diet will provide your hair with all the nutrients it needs to grow long fast. Some folks swear by prenatal vitamins for faster longer hair growth.

The two most prevalent hair growth inhibitors in our society are drinking alcohol & smoking cigarettes. Just removing these & other growth inhibitors from your life can result in a dramatic increase in your hair’s length.

Using your fingers or a brush to massage your scalp will stimulate blood flow to your hair & scalp. This will increase the amount of nutrients available to your hair & increase its length fast.

By taking care of all the growth factors simultaneously instead of focusing on just 1 area, you will create an environment that is beneficial to hair growth & see the length of your literally explode!

Now that you know the secrets to how to make your hair grow longer, put what you’ve learned into practice & get on your way to longer, prettier locks!

By just incorporating the tips in this article you should be able you to grow your hair longer in a matter of weeks.

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