Katherine Heigl Turns Brunette

by admin on July 18, 2009

in Short Curly Hairstyles

Changing hair color is the best option to go when someone wants to have a fresh look (read: hairstyle) and still maintain the haircut at the same time. We have seen lots of Hollywood celebrities who changed from blonde to brunette and the other way round. The changes isn’t always suitable with their character.


This time it is Katherine Heigl whom decided to ditch the blonde hair for brunette. The new hair color of Katherine Heighl was caught on camera during the premiere of her movie The Ugly Truth.


Her hair might looked short from the front, but she didn’t cut it short. As you can see from the picture of her hair from the back side, she actually pinned them up. What a sweet updo rite? Back to the hair color, you be the judge.

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