Rihanna New Shaved Hairstyle

by admin on July 15, 2009

in Short Hairstyles

The case when Britney shaved her hair is still freshed in my mind. Hair is the crown to most of us, women. So, when a woman shave her hair, that means 2 things only IMHO: she is collection fund for charity activity or she is having a HUGE problem in her life. Oh wait, there is actually one more, it’s a way to attract people’s attention to her (read: sensational).


After Cassie shaved half of her hair, Rihanna followed the step too. Here is the picture of Rihanna in her new shaved Mohawk cut. Look carefully, she actually had both side shaved, left the top part. Now, it looks super weird from the front.


Does Rihanna want to create a new hairstyle trend (cause she is the fashionista) or she is just looking for sensation?

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