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When we spend USD5 to USD50 for a haircut, the Hollywood celebrities can spend up to four digit digit (or even more) for a stunning haircut from a famous hairstylist. Whew.. Oh well, hair is the precious crown of a woman so it is not weird if woman is willing to spend money and time on it. I will too if I have that amount of money.


Bride Wars‘ actresses, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson, are in the list of celebrities with most expensive haircut. The fabulous blonde locks of Kate Hudson, thanks to hairstylist David Babaii of Neil George Salon in LA, costs her USD650.

If you think that is expensive enough, wait until you read how much Anne Hathaway spends for her hairstyle. Any guess? Ted Gibson, celebrities hairstylist, did her hair for freaking USD950! wootz..


Here is the list of five Hollywood actresses that had a Bob Hairstyle in the movie:


Actress Kate Bosworth wow-ed the world with this Blunt-Banged Bob Hairstyle when she played as Jill Taylor in 21 (2008). She is probably the most glamor casino’s queen ever with that black dress, dark eyeshadow and Blunt-Banged Bob Hairstyle.


Actress Christina Ricci went from wavy blonde to brunette Bob Hairstyle with bangs, when she played as Trixie in Speed Racer (2008).


Lucy Liu had her Bob hairstyle moment in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003).


Cate Blanchett went from elegant curly hairstyle to dark Bob hairstyle in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). That’s a drastic change!


Anne Hathaway had her fabulous wavy long hairstyle replaced with this short blunt Bob Hairstyle when she plays as the Bond girl in Get Smart (2008).


Medium length of Curly Bob Hairstyle with layers can create beautiful lines which emphasize your shoulder and neck. Anne Hathaway and Nicole Ritchie are among several celebrities that had spotted with Curly Bob Hairstyle before.


You can achieve the modern Curly Bob Hairstyle in 3 simple steps:

  1. Apply volumizer all over your hair roots and dry your hair upside down to create fullness.
  2. Wrap your hair with 1″ curling iron but leave the hair ends out to achieve the relaxed curl effect.
  3. Apply wave spray to create a slight wave and modernize texture.


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