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Katie Holmes went from Bob Hairstyle to Pixie Hairstyle and still looked gorgeous in both short hairstyle. Well, after some time of having short hairstyle, Katie Holmes finally goes back to elegant long curly hairstyle with the help of hair extensions. Double gorgeous!


I think that she looks even more alive and vibrant with this elegant long curly hairstyle instead of the Bob Hairstyle. What do you think? Like this hairstyle or hate it?

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Long curly hairstyle could make you look gorgeous or the other way round, depends on how you maintain it.


Vanessa Hudgens looks cute in the above picture, taken at a press conference in Mexico City for β€˜High School Musical 3? 2008. But, what with the messy, frizzy and several fly-away hairs?

You can avoid this and have a smooth long curly hairstyle by following this simple tips.

  • Use conditioner after washing your hair to prevent the dry hair. It could be the leave-in conditioner or others.
  • Apply a reasonable amount of mouse/spray/gel on your hair while it is still in damp condition
  • That’s it!