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Gossip Girls

Gossip Girl is shooting for the new season. While we can’t give you the spoiler of the story, we can feed you with the spoiler of Blake Lively hairstyle in the new season of Gossip Girl.


Her long blonde hairstyle was being held up half way, with the helps of sturdy silver hairpins. The hairpins aren’t hide inside the hair but instead being used as hair accessories.

I remember using lots of hairpins as hair accessories was a trend during my high school time. So, the trend is back now?


Blake Lively, 21 year old actress who plays Serena van der Woodsen character in TV series Gossip Girls, looks oh so fabulous in this big curly hairstyle. The shiny blonde color adds up the point.

Thanks to for providing the tips and trick, now you are able to get the big curly hairstyle like Blake Lively.


  • Dry your hair straight if it is wavy or curly.
  • Set your hair apart and start curling the bottom half of your hair using the large hot rollers. Pull the rollers inside, going in to the face.
  • Leave it for a few minutes and remove them.
  • After finish with the above step, try to break the curls by run through the hair using your fingers.

This hairstyle is suitable for angled hair that framed the face.