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Kate Winslet


If you admire the tousled curls look of Kate Winslet and wondering how to copy her hairstyle, worry no more. Here is tips and tricks to copy Kate Winslet elegant curly hairstyle, taken from

  • Remember to apply mouse to your hair when it is still in damp condition.
  • Blow-dry your hair with round brush, preferable medium size.
  • Pick the 1 1/2 inch curl iron, wrap part of your hair and hold it for less than a minute.
  • Apply hairspray so the curl will stay.

Important: When curling your hair, do wrap from the scalp’s base instead of the hair’s end to avoid having ringlets. We want wavy hair not ringlets.


Updo hairstyle is suitable for the following face shape : oval, oblong, square, and diamond. But sometimes it also depends on how you style the updo, otherwise you will achieve the opposite result from what you want. Just like what happened to Kate Winslet.


The 34 years old Titanic actress looks younger with sided bangs and pinned up hair. On the picture when all her hair is combed to the back, she looks elegant but so much older. It could be me or it could be the hairstylist problem.

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