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Does Bob Hairstyles Suit You?

by admin on March 16, 2009

in Bob Hairstyles

Bob Hairstyles has been a popular choices for the past two years and is here to stay for this year 2009. A few famous celebrities that went for Bob Hairstyles were Victoria Beckham with the Pob (Posh Bob), Rihanna with Beveled Bob, Paris Hilton with angled bob, Katie Holmes with the cute Bob, Jessica Alba with shoulder length bob and fringe, etc.


Before you rush to your favorite hair salon to get the Bob Hairstyles, check out these points to see if it suits you:

  • What is you face shape?
    Bob Hairstyles doesn’t work well on round face as it will add width to the sides of the face. You don’t want to look like you are wearing a helmet, do you?
  • What look do you want to achieve?
    The Bob certainly gives sophisticated and mature look. Avoid this if you don’t want to look older than your actual age. But if you are a young working lady wanting to go from cute to mature image, go for the Bob!
  • Are you willing to spend 15 minutes to maintain your hair?
    The Bob is not for wake-up-and-go type of people. Although it is easy to manage but it takes a little effort to blow-dry and style the Bob.
  • Have a thin hair?
    The Bob is very helpful to add volume to the thin hair. With a proper blow-dry, the Bob is able to create thickness’ illusion.


So, you just had a Bob hair cut and you looked oh so fabulous while walking out from the hair salon. But few days after that, you notice that unruly cow licks and the Bob doesn’t look as great as it was.

No worry, you can get that fabulous Bob Hairstyle back by blowing it our properly after your hair wash session.


For a naturally straight and sleek hair, you can simply blow-dry your hair using a round brush and you’re good to go.

For a wavy hair, a flat iron and smoothing serum are needed to achieve a fabulous Bob Hairstyle.

For an extremely curly hair, it will take more time as you will need to blow it straight first, continue by applying serum and use flat-iron.

Bottom line, How to Blow Out Bob Hairstyles is depends on you hair type. Besides, Bob Hairstyle doesn’t have to be in straight shape as you can opt for messy Bob Hairstyles.



Katie Holmes went from Bob Hairstyle to Pixie Hairstyle and still looked gorgeous in both short hairstyle. Well, after some time of having short hairstyle, Katie Holmes finally goes back to elegant long curly hairstyle with the help of hair extensions. Double gorgeous!


I think that she looks even more alive and vibrant with this elegant long curly hairstyle instead of the Bob Hairstyle. What do you think? Like this hairstyle or hate it?

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